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Weekend of Spirit 2020

Transforming Our Lives:
 Release, Evolve, Create



Zoom links to our workshops and sessions are below.  

Please email if you would like to set up a time to  receive training on using Zoom prior to the workshop day.

Friday, October 23th 7:00pm Virtual Art Show and Discussion

Join us for a virtual art show "Together Alone" and discussion featuring original collections by Patrick St. Pierre and Samela St. Pierre.

                                                          Password: open

Saturday, October 24th 10am - 3:00pm Workshop Day

Keynote address

The Earth is Our Sanctuary: Making Our World Breathable
                       Keynote Address by Dr. Liseli Fitzpatrick

The ravages of racism and a sweeping pathogenic pandemic have synced to make our world unbreathable. Dr. Liseli Fitzpatrick invites us to reflect on ways we can cultivate a breathable world through sacred wisdom and eco-centered practice.

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Morning workshop selection (Sessions are 50 minutes long)

The History and Restorative Practice of Hand-Knitting

Led by Nancy Gaulin, Psy.D., MBA

We will come together, with our current knitting projects, to learn about hand knitting in the context of fiber arts. We will connect the history from necessity (clothes making for warmth) to craft (expression of creativity for entertainment, restorative practice and warmth). We will work on our projects and share with each other stories about the importance of knitting in our lives.

     Password: support


Qi-gong/Tai Chi

Led by Kathleen Sakovitz

Come experience this ancient form of energy medicine. As in ancient China for centuries; movements; stretches, slow deep breathing, increasing Qi (chi)  life-force internal energy flow, unblocking, balancing Qi connecting with mind-body-spirit. Special group energy. Attendees may want to have a chair nearby (if needed), without arms is ideal, and a water bottle.  Comfortable loose clothing.   No yoga mat is needed. 

             Password: open


Writing Recipes of Love in the Time of Covid

Led by Rev. Dr. Fran Bogle


Join Fran and Jeannie the Dog for a workshop that invites us use our favorite recipes and family stories as ways to share hope and love during this time of distance from our families and the wider community.






Break for Lunch

During lunchtime decorate your fabric leaf, talk a walk or enjoy some music.

Listen to music by the Willie Sordillo ensemble, courtesy of the Old South Jazz Coffeehouse. Listen in here.

To watch Debbie Clark's videos on making some classic Weekend of Spirit soup recipes or to print recipes, click here.

Afternoon Workshop Selection (Sessions are 50 minutes long)

Mindful Anti-Racism: A Call for Social Justice

Led by Dr. Danielle Rousseau

This workshop will take a mindful approach to anti-racism work. Exploration of systemic injustice will be rooted in breath and mindful movement. Participants will explore how disparity and injustice are rooted in systems and learn why it is important to recognize the impact of trauma in exploring systemic injustice. Participants will focus on resilience building in addressing injustice and racism.




Meditation: The 3 Gateways

Led by Katherine McClean

Our subtle energy bodies have 3 Gateways for accessing the deeper truths of who we really are.

Here we'll experience the gifts of 3 these centers. The peace and stability we gain will give us the inner support needed to face  these uncertain times.


                                                             Password: open






Fake it Until You Make it: Exploring Humor Through Yoga

Led by Donna Warren

A laughter yoga leader’s tips on maintaining a bit of humor and the wonderful release of laughter. You will need a mat or a chair for this workshop  as we explore some laughter yoga and some breathing techniques. There will be some very gentle movement thrown in as we do some laughing drills. This workshop is designed to help us find laughter and joy in stressful times. Come experience a truly fun time as we try to look on the bright side of life! If you have any funny props or masks you would like to wear any bit of humor will be encouraged!   In order to make this fun, we need a few brave souls willing to keep their camera on during this workshop. 


                                                               Password: open







2:00pm ​ Closing

"Reveling in Transformation" Group Meditation
Led by Rev. Dr. Debbie Clark



                                                                                        Password: open

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