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Open Spirit was founded to explore the connection between energy, spirit and healing. We seek to fill the need of so many people in the wider community yearning for spiritual nourishment, who may not seek it in organized and traditional faith communities. 

Our Vision

To  be a source of hope and healing in our divided world.

Our Mission

We come together with open hearts to:

  • Celebrate and deepen understanding of our diverse spiritual and cultural backgrounds

  • Enable healing of mind, body, spirit, and Earth

  • Inspire courage to transform our lives and our communities


We seek to fulfill our mission through offering
multi-faith gatherings and educational opportunities, Interfaith Book discussions, wellness classes, nature programs, art and music programs, community gardens, veteran's programs, and through special projects such as mindfulness training in schools.

We are a 501(c)(3) organization and receive support from grants,
generous donors and program fees.

Thank you to Framingham Access TV for helping to create our PSA!

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