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Open Spirit's

Steering Committee

Helen Berman

Helen is the co-facilitator of the Prayer Shawl Knitters program at Open Spirit. Participants in this program create shawls as spiritual practice, reaching out to those in need of comfort and solace. Helen's past experience includes teaching children about animals, the outdoors and cooking through a Jewish Community Center.

Reverend Debbie Clark

Reverend Clark has been ordained in the UCC for 26 years and as pastor at the Edwards Church for 20 years. She is the founder of Open Spirit, serves as Open Spirit's Interfaith Coordinator. 


Rosanne Kates

Rosanne is the Coordinator of Community Connection and is the founder of the Nourishing Teachers/Strengthening Classrooms Project. Having an extensive background in the field of education, Rosanne served as the Executive Director of the Nourishing Teachers/Strengthening Classrooms Project for Open Spirit. This community outreach program supports both teachers and students in mindfulness practice and mind/body awareness. Rosanne has experience as a classroom teacher, literacy specialist, and an adjunct faculty member of Framingham State University. She has also served as a board member of the Massachusetts Reading Association, where she developed the Teachers as Writers Project.

Bette Norton

Bette is a retired preschool teacher who is Open Spirit's Liaison with Edwards Church, of which she has been a long time member. Bette's personal mission is to educate community members on the benefits of tai chi and yoga as healing practices. She believes that they are an important adjunct for helping individuals with physical challenges and disabilities.


Dara Berry

Dara has been the Director of Operations at Open Spirit since 2017 and serves as the Director of the Nourishing Teachers/Strengthening Classrooms project​. Prior to joining Open Spirit, Dara worked in communications and market research industries and is a summa cum laude graduate of Northeastern University and an MBA candidate at Boston University. She is the parent of three students in the Framingham Public Schools and has spent many years volunteering with the PTO. 

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