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Mind/Body Initiative

The Mind/Body Initiative at  Open Spirit is dedicated to offering affordable wellness classes to the community in a welcoming and nurturing environment that touches the spirit. 

The classes are offered for all levels of ability and many are offered by a donation model making them accessible to all. 

Classes range from several types of yoga, Qi-gong/tai chi and meditation.

Open Spirit is proud to announce that we have signed a pledge with the Yoga Service Council to offer Universally Inclusive Yoga. In partnership with the Yoga Service Council, we jointly pledge to support each other to offer universally inclusive yoga in the safest, most accessible manner for every person in our community.

We pledge to:

  • Earnestly provide yoga that empowers every participant, including those who have face trauma in their lifetimes.

  • Foster a space for yoga and connection that is inviting and as safe as possible for all students, staff, and visitors.

  • Establish, honor, and uphold policies that promote the well-bring of every person in this community.

  • Celebrate the true beauty and unique brilliance of each one of us.

  • Continually co-create the most open and affirming yoga community possible.

  • Collectively stand together for a world free from sexual violence in every form.

Learn more about Universally Inclusive Yoga

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