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Explore the Mosaic and learn more

On our campus outside of Edwards Hall hangs a beautiful tile mosaic representing symbols from various faith Traditions.


The idea for our mosaic emerged as we dreamed of ways to convey a multi-faith welcome. we were drawn to mosaic, in which broken pieces are put together to create something whole.


Soon thereafter, as we celebrated the life of our dear friend Florence Sachs, a beloved member of the Open Spirit Community, we realized this mosaic would be a perfect memorial. We are grateful for the generous gifts of her family and friends, and also for the Framingham Cultural Council's grant, which made this project possible.

Framingham artist Samela St. Pierre created the design, in consultation with our Advisory committee. mosaic artist Cheryl Cohen gathered a team of volunteers - OpenSpirit participants, Edwards Church members, and friends of Florence. the team met weekly for months, smashing tiles and putting tiny shards into place.

Thank you to the dreamers, the contributors and artists who helped bring the mosaic to fruition.  The mosaic is currently installed, a permanent expression of the beauty of multi-faith collaboration. 

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