Live-Stream of Classes

Dear friends,


What a challenging time! What an important time to stay connected even when we cannot gather in the same room. 

Since we cannot gather in person, we will hold all our classes through “Live-Stream” using a “Zoom” platform. It is a technological leap for many of us, and we will do our best to make it work. There will be lots of mistakes and some frustration; hopefully there will also be lots of laughter as we figure it out together.



Instructions to connect with one of our classes:


1. For each class, you will see a link that looks something  like: (this is not a real one....)


2. Determine what type of device you want to use to connect. Once you have made this decision, simply read your section below.



Mobile Device (iPhone, iPad, Android phone, Android tablet)

First, visit your app store to download the Zoom app.  Just before the start time click on the link to automatically open the meeting in your app:   (again, this is the sample, use the 9-digit number for that class)



Computer (Windows or Mac, Desktop or Laptop)

Click on that same link  (looks like )before the meeting. A few of these tutorial videos may help: Joining a MeetingTesting your Audio, Managing Controls in the Meeting. There may be an intermediate step of downloading a program and running it.  Just follow the instructions it gives you, but you might want to allow a few minutes.



Telephone (audio only)

Mobile phone: click 16465588656, 123456789# (use the actual 9-digit number in the link...)


Land line: Dial 1-646-558-8656. When prompted for the Meeting ID, enter 123456789# followed by the pound key (#).   (again, use the actual 9-digit link)


Classes being live-streamed:

* Please note when live-streaming classes, instructors will not be able to see you to correct postures. Please take special care to monitor yourselves and know your own limitations. 







If you prefer to donate by check,
please make checks payable to
Open Spirit at 39 Edwards Street, Framingham, MA 01701


Click here for Open Spirit Zoom backgrounds


Click here for class descriptions


You may log into the Zoom class 15 minutes prior to the start of class.


Monday classes:


Donna Warren’s Strength without a Gym: 

Password: open



Katherine McClean’s Meditation with the Masters:

Password: 090367

Tuesday classes:



Kathleen Sakovitz's Qi Gong/Tai Chi: 

Password: open



Debbie Clark's Gentle Yoga: 

Password: open



Katherine McClean's Hatha Yoga:

Password: 090367

7:00pm (1st Tuesday of the month)

Interfaith Book Discussion:

Password: open

Email questions here

7:00pm (2nd and 4th Tuesdays of the month) (*Note - this is a new link)

Buddhist Meditation:

Password: 092165


Wednesday classes:


Weightlifting and Training with Donna Warren

Password: open

1:30pm (1st Wednesdays of the month) 

Prayer Shawl Group:

Password: open


Veteran's Yoga:

Password: 1234

Thursday classes:


Kathleen Sakovitz's Qi Gong/Tai Chi:

Password: open

11:30 am 

Strength Training with Resistance Bands with Donna Warren:

Password: open

Interested in learning more about this class? Click here to watch Donna's introductory video to learn more about what to expect and how this activity can benefit you. 

Friday classes:


Morning Meditation

Password: open


10:00am (This class is temporarily on hold. Check back for new dates/times.)

Gentle Yoga for Challenging Times lead by Danielle Rousseau 

Additional Classes & Events

We are now holding several hybrid classes including Gentle Yoga on Tuesday and Qi Gong on Tuesday. We also offer limited series in-person only classes. For details on those, please visit our Upcoming Events page. Please email with questions.

Please help support our classes & instructors
Suggested class payment/donation per class $10-$20