Nourishing Teachers / Strengthening Classrooms
Mindfulness Programs for Framingham Public Schools

What do we do?

The Nourishing Teachers/Strengthening Classrooms (NT/SC) Project of Open Spirit was established in 2012 to offer teachers and students training and skills in mindfulness that they can use in the classrooms to enhance learning and behavior. In the first five years in Framingham, pilot programs have taken place in elementary, middle school, and in the high school.

The success of our bringing mindfulness practices through yoga and meditation (and, as of late, flamenco dance) to teachers and students has led to a strong partnership with the Health and Wellness Director's efforts to develop a coordinated mindfulness education program within the Framingham Public Schools.

In the summer of 2016, NT/SC extended our work to support Framingham students taking part in the Hoops & Homework after school programs.


Where do we go?

Our programs take place at individual schools, at Pusan Road and Interfaith Terrace sites of Hoops & Homework, and at Open Spirit or other retreat sites as appropriate.

Why mindfulness?


  • Affects teachers' self-awareness, stress management, teaching practice, and job satisfaction.

  • Allows students to achieve more competence in academic learning.

  • Reduces stress, increases focus of attention, engagement, self-control, and self-motivation, and invites in calm, reflective learners.

  • Promotes one's ability to observe what is happening at the present moment, without evaluating, scrutinizing, or dissecting.

  • Allows one to have insight by being open, flexible, and curious.

  • Supports emotional intelligence and social skills.

To promote mindfulness, we teach yoga and flamenco...

Yoga uses physical postures, breathing techniques and meditation to enable better health, focus, flexibility, balance and strength. flamenco dance is another kinesthetic art, a "language of movement," 
that creatively supports a mindful learning environment.


Who are we?

Our Nourishing Teachers/Strengthening Classrooms Staff:

Rosanne Kates, M.Ed., Project Founder and Director, Open Spirit's Coordinator of Community Connections. 

Eve Costarelli, Lead Teacher of Yoga/Mindfulness/Flamenco Dance for teachers and students of all ages

Katherine McClean, Teacher of Yoga/Meditation/Mindfulness for teachers and adolescents

Samela St. Pierre, Teacher of Yoga/Mindfulness/Art for teachers and students of all ages

Kimberly McClure, Teacher of Yoga/Mindfulness/Wellness for teachers and students of all ages

*All NT/SC instructors are certified and experienced.

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