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Nourishing Teachers
Strengthening Classrooms
Yoga for teachers
What Framingham Public Schools Staff say about our project

"I participated in a professional development day and it was an excellent program that would benefit every person in the district no matter their role. The instructors were great!" - FPS Teacher

"I loved the free yoga offered to our school staff. The instructor was wonderful. She also came in to offer a lesson with a challenging group of 8th graders and held her own. The yoga was a personal stress reliever and helpful as another mindful activity with the students." - FPS Teacher

"I feel so fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with the Open Spirit staff both for myself and my are doing important work that is both needed and appreciated." - FPS Elementary Principal

"The workshop was so valuable for me as a teacher. I could use the ideas and practices we learned the very next day. My students have enjoyed getting the time to be mindful in our classroom and applying these strategies in their own lives. This was wonderful!" -FPS teacher

"This series of workshops gave me the reminder that I am just as important as the students. When I value and care for myself I am more fully present for my students." - FPS Teacher

"So helpful! I appreciated having a forum to discuss ways to use mindfulness in the classroom and in everyday life. It is especially useful because I have many students who work with trauma in their lives - the trauma-informed discussions and techniques were invaluable." - FPS Teacher

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