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Samela St. Pierre

Artist Profiles


For Together Alone, in watercolor and ink, Samela explores themes of isolation.  Societal, cultural and personal.  The kind of underlying loneliness that perhaps has always existed in our modern existences, but has been amplified to deafening volume during this Coronavirus shut down. Each environment tells a story of a human, their tendencies, coping mechanisms, aesthetic preferences and priorities, without displaying the body itself.  Leaving the viewer to fill in what that person might look like to them.  And so a voyeuresque search through the subject's habitat ensues to try and figure out the person who lives there, and find some sort of connection through their material accumulations.


Samela St. Pierre is an artist and activist living on Kumeyaay land in San Diego, CA. She’s an illustrator of children’s books for indie authors and publishers and has worked on an array of projects from a walking labyrinth in the forests of Massachusetts to a wall mural in a martial arts studio in New York. Her most meaningful work is with and in service to the immigrant and refugee communities. She works closely with the children at the US-Mexico border in Tijuana, by bringing food, supplies, art projects, yoga and other forms of expression to the shelters.

Patrick St. Pierre

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"Quarantine and this era of social distancing has been a time of panic, spiritual awakening and peaceful reflection: a time of isolation and loneliness as well as being too close to people for too long and having no way out.  Sometimes I feel like I have finally found myself, and other times I feel completely and utterly lost. I’ve felt whole heartedly loved, and absolutely trapped.  Together Alone is a body of artwork and poetry that expresses one man’s changes and experience of this once in a lifetime world shift, the pandemic.  I’ve pulled out and deconstructed some moments so that you may see we are (together) in this uncertainty. You are (not) alone."   - Patrick St. Pierre


Patrick St. Pierre (AKA Daydream) is an artist and live broadcaster, living in San Diego California.  He illustrates using a variety of mediums including oils, watercolor, acrylic, ink and digital paint.  His fine art work consists of portraits, figures and some fantastical ideas.  He runs a streaming show on where he plays video games with his community - The Dreamers. Patrick finds inspiration and peace through yoga and meditation, marathon training, cooking, surfing, swimming with his dog Lucy, all with his art partner and wife, Samela St. Pierre. Patrick starts every morning with a cup of green tea. If you pour yourself a cup at 8am, you and he are sharing that moment together. cheers.

Patrick fundraises through to raise funds for the Children's Miracle Network. Learn more or donate visit his fundraising page.

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