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Reverend Debbie Clark

When I was 22 years old, I spent three weeks in the Himalayan mountains in India, at an ashram that brought together elements of Christian and Hindu spiritual practices. At Jeevan Dhara (which means living water), I was introduced to meditation and hatha yoga; I also discovered the beauty of multi-faith dialogue, especially at the level of personal experience. It was life changing. 

So much about Open Spirit brings me back to those weeks in the Himalayan mountains. I find peace and healing in our classes; in the midst of difficult times, they feel like a drink of that living water. i revel in the beauty of out multi-faith programs - the opportunity to share evening prayers at our annual Iftar, lighting candles at Shabbat dinner, hearing a haunting baha'i chant. Our conversations lead me to wonder at the richness of other faith traditions; they also help me claim the depth and beauty of my own faith.

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