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What to compost?

Raw or cooked fruits and vegetables

Raw or cooked grains: rice, cookies, cake, pasta, bread, popcorn, etc.

Nuts and eggshells

Spices and dried herbs

Tea bags, coffee grounds, coffee filters

Grass clipping, dry leaves, ash, sawdust

Shredded newspapers and paper bags

Food soiled paper towels and napkins


What not to compost?

Plastic bags

Meat and dairy products

Diseased or poisonous plants

Oil and grease

Pet waste


How do I collect my food scraps?

Get a plastic bucket and line it with a brown paper bag or simply place a piece of newspaper at the bottom. This will make it easy to slide. Lid is optional. After dropping off your scraps rinse the bucket and start fresh with a new bag or newspaper.


How often should I dispose my food scraps?

About once a week seems to be ideal. In the summer time when it gets really hot, if your composting bucket starts smelling, you can drop off your compost more often or you can also place it in your freezer.





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