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Bette Norton

I suffered from a chronic illness for 17 years called Cervical Dystonia. This condition caused uncontrollable muscle contractions that caused my neck and shoulders to jerk and twist. Along with bulging discs in my neck, I was in constant pain. The disorder had taken over my life, forcing me to retire early and giving up on the physical activities I had once enjoyed and adding the burden of living with chronic pain. 


I became involved in the founding of Open Spirit through my connection with Edwards Church. I started attending a tai chi class at Open Spirit. I was in pain and self-conscious but the instructor, Jason Gould, taught me to focus my breath with the movement and remember to smile. This practice transformed my life and taught me the importance of the mind, body and spirit all working together. After three years of attending classes, my muscle movements were under control and I had no symptoms. My neurologists were amazed. 


I now regularly attend qi-gong/tai chi and Gentle Yoga classes at Open Spirit and am a member of the Steering Committee and Advisory Committee. The classes I attend at Open Spirit are all intertwined with each other and all provide support, healing and well being. Equally important is that I am able to surround myself with like minded people who offer each other support and caring. 


Open Spirit changed my life. I live a rich and full life with the friends and support I  found at Open Spirit. 

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