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Framingham: City of Dreams

Curated and produced by Claudia Ruiz Gustafson


The photographers for this exhibit are four Juniors from Framingham High School:

Anton Bica, Fiona Burke, Casey Corcoran and Lucas Gustafson.


Framingham: City of Dreams is a photo exhibit featuring 16 residents of Framingham who have contributed to making the city a better place for all of us:

  • Alicia and David Blais (Daniel’s Table)

  • Andrea Dooley (Framingham Bakery Co)

  • Brendan Rodrigues (student at McAuliffe Charter Middle School)

  • Brigitte Griffin (environmental activist Transition Framingham)

  • Cristian Barragan (Saxonville Mills Cafe & Roastery)

  • David Stefanini and mother Angie (Waverly Market)

  • Dr. Shivang Patel (Metrowest Pharmacy)

  • Edgar Baltazar (El Pikante Foods)

  • Elana Gelfand (Junior at Framingham High School)

  • Francisco Jaquez (N+1 Cyclery)

  • Herb Chasan (Hoops and Homework)

  • Judith Grove (local activist, skate park on Dudley Road)

  • Kenneth Weiss (environmental activist

  • Mike Croci (environmental activist Transition Framingham)

  • Nicole Messier Doak (Framingham Coronavirus Community Outreach)

  • Priscila Sousa (activist in many important local organizations)


The photographs in this exhibition and the words that accompany them aim to celebrate the contributions and life stories of these neighbors, many of them immigrants, as integral members of our community.


This exhibition is funded in part by a grant from the Framingham Cultural Council.

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