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Multi-Faith Center for the Wider Community
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Calming the Storm II

Join the Rev. Dr. Fran Bogle and the Rev. Johanna Hattendorf, two UCC ministers, as we nurture our minds, bodies ...

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Avoid the Holiday Bulge (was Healthy Holidays!)

Isn't it interesting that the flu season and the Holiday Season occur at the same time of year? So many ...

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Needed Conversations--Introducing the Conversation Project

The Conversation project, founded by Pulitzer Prize winner Ellen Goodman, is a national campaign dedicated to helping people talk about ...

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A Taste of Compassion for the Holidays

With the growing awareness of the value of plant-based eating, perhaps you will have some vegan friends and family to ...

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Open Spirit Center

Open Spirit Center

Open Spirit is a new and growing Multi-Faith Center for the wider community, a place to celebrate and strengthen our ...

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  • Meditation with the Masters has recommenced! “Come and start your week off right! In this series we’ll practice different meditations described by the leading current meditation masters: Matthieu Ricard, Pema Chodron, Stephen Levine, Thich Nhat Hanh, Jack Kornfield, Sally Kempton, and Mantak Chia. We’ll start the class by opening the body with some simple stretching. Next we move to the heart of our practice and explore various styles of guided meditations. Finally we’ll have some time for optional discussion.


This is a great opportunity to participate in a deep variety of meditative experiences and to freshen your practice! Comfortable seating on chairs or cushions.” Click here to register!


  • NEW CLASS! Please note that this class has been cancelled. We apologize for any inconvenience! Healthful Ways to Integrate Self Care Back Into Our Busy Lives. Two-class series begins October 22, registration now open! In our busy lives, self-care becomes a challenge. This two-part workshop will help change that. In the first session, learn to identify which areas in your life that need attention. Learn to tune into that little voice telling you what you already know, and get some tools to make necessary changes. In the second, learn to read labels—food, body care, and household products—critically. Some products appear to be healthy, but are loaded with sugar, calories and chemicals. Many toxic chemicals added to personal care products. Learn about ingredients to avoid, and how to ignore the packaging and marketing that companies spend millions on to sway you to buy their products. For ultimate health, you must know what you are putting in and on your body. Click here to register.


  • NEW CLASS! Tween/Teen Yoga (ages 11-18)–Begins in October, registration now open! This class brings older tweens and teens together to explore how yoga can help them better understand and appreciate their changing bodies, relationships, and lives. Yoga can help tweens/ teens move through these often-challenging years and emerge with healthy ways to address stress and find balance. Classes will help empower teens and inspire self-awareness and body confidence, and are fun, upbeat, and non-competitive. Yoga poses, philosophy, breath work, meditation and journaling will be explored. This class also presents a wonderful opportunity for tweens/ teens to come together, laugh, and build friendships within the Open Spirit community. Click here to pre-register!



Vision & Mission

Open Spirit is a welcoming, multi-faith center. We provide programs that support healing, wellness, spiritual nourishment, and encourage personal growth and community connectedness.



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Questions about our schedule? Contact Maureen, our Administrative Assistant. Questions about programming? Contact Suzanne, our Program Development Coordinator. You can find Open Spirit on Facebook and twitter. Please ‘like’ us and follow us!

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