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Multi-Faith Center for the Wider Community
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Day of Spirit--Embracing Mystery in Our Lives

Our ever-popular Day of Spirit will take place on Saturday, September 20, from 10am--4pm. Another fabulous day of experiential workshops, ...

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Yoga Foundations

Are  you interested in yoga but not sure what a Downward Facing Dog looks like? Are you afraid you’ll look a little lost ...

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Be Nourished! Mindful Eating Workshop

Be Nourished: A Workshop on Clean Eating and Mindful Living–July 9th and August 6th from 6:30-8:30 pm Have you wanted to ...

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The Heart of Mindfulness (two-part workshop)

In this series, we'll experience why mindfulness meditation is truly a heart-full practice...because it helps us to feel more enjoyment in ...

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Open Spirit Center

Open Spirit Center

Open Spirit is a new and growing Multi-Faith Center for the wider community, a place to celebrate and strengthen our ...

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To view our full calendar, click on the blue “Calendar” link above “Upcoming Events” to the right.

  • NEW CLASS! Yoga Foundations–August 7, 14 and 21. Are  you interested in yoga but not sure what a Downward Facing Dog looks like? Are you afraid you’ll look a little lost on your mat? If you’ve always wanted to try yoga but are intimidated by the lingo and pose names, then we have the class for you! Come to Open Spirit Community Center and join us this summer for our Yoga Foundations Series. In this three-class series you will learn all of the yoga basics in a fun, low-pressure environment. No pre-registration required–just show up!


  • NEW WORKSHOP! Be Nourished: A Workshop on Clean Eating and  Mindful Living–July 9th and August 6th  Have you wanted to eat better, but don’t know where to start?  Would you like to feel nourished and energized by what you eat and do instead of feeling tired or overwhelmed? This month long workshop will support clean, healthy eating and mindful living. We’ll meet for two sessions: one at the beginning and one at the end of a month’s time. Online support will be provided. Each of the two workshop sessions will end with an optional restorative yoga practice. Led by Danielle Rousseau with Lucy Valletta. $50 for two workshop sessions, $30 for one. Please click here for link to easy, online registration.


  • NEW PROGRAM! Be Fit: Open Spirit Fit Camp–Saturdays at 9 am beginning July 12th Start your journey toward increased wellness! Wellness involves caring for both your body and your mind. As part of our new Be Fit programming, you’ll participate in a high intensity fitness class that will keep you physically and mentally engaged. Come to this class ready to sweat! We’ll use a combination of body weight exercises, plyometrics, and circuit style workouts to create a full-body workout. A yoga-inspired cool down will bring focus to your core, before stretching and relaxing your whole body. $10 per class, first class free if you like us on Facebook! Led by Danielle Rousseau with Lucy Valletta.


Vision & Mission

Open Spirit is a welcoming, multi-faith center. We provide programs that support healing, wellness, spiritual nourishment, and encourage personal growth and community connectedness.



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Questions about our schedule? Contact Maureen, our Administrative Assistant. Questions about programming? Contact Suzanne, our Program Development Coordinator. You can find Open Spirit on Facebook and twitter. Please ‘like’ us and follow us!

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