Pregnancy Yoga, Seven-Week Series

Monday, 7:30 pm - 8:30 pm -- Mondays from 7:30-8:30 PM



Seven-week session begins on February 27, and runs through April 10.

Pregnancy yoga is yoga specifically for mothers in any stage of pregnancy.  We work on increasing your comfort, decreasing your stress level, and helping you to feel more at home in your changing body.  Yoga postures encourage strength, stability and flexibility.  Research demonstrates that mothers who practice prenatal yoga regularly not only have better birth outcomes, but feel better about their births!

We use many tools to help you prepare for birth including breathwork, vocalizations and meditation.  These are great skills to help you through your pregnancy, to help you to cope with birthing a baby, and to help you after your baby’s arrival.  Breathwork is wonderful for calming and focusing your energy. Moments of quiet meditation give you the time you need to center and prepare for the great transformation of having a baby whether this is your first baby or your fifth.

Classes will cost $15 each with a discounted rate of $12 per class if you register in advance.

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$12 per session if registered in advance, $15 drop-in 
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Carrie Ganz 
Instructor bio:
Carrie has taught yoga and pregnancy yoga for over 10 years.  She was a Bradley Method Childbirth teacher, a lactation consultant and a birth doula.  Her own children were born at home, but she has been to births at homes, hospitals and birth centers.  Working with pregnant women is one of her great passions.  She has had many fantastic teachers in this specialty, but her greatest teachers have been the hundreds of wonderful and amazing mothers she has worked with over the years.